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Towel Bar

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Product Information

Description: This towel bar easily installs on smooth surfaces via twist and lock suction technology. All you need to do is place it where you want then push to create suction and finally rotate the body of the suction cup to lock it in place.

Holding Capability: Large wet towels are no problem as this towel bar can hold up to 10 pounds of weight .

Compatible Surfaces: Suction works on on tile, glass, mirror, acrylic, granite, laminate, quartz, porcelain aand any smooth, flat and non-porous surfaces.

Incompatible Surface: Suction does NOT work on marble, stone, dry wall or any surfaces that are uneven, coarse, textured or porous.

Towel Bar Length: 18", Suction Cup Diameter: 2.5", Total Length: 22.5"

Product Weight: 7 oz

Material: Ring - Stainless Steel, Suction Cup - Polyurethane